So who is she excited about seeing at the show

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Amy Schumer is one of the hottest women in Hollywood right now.

She has her own sketch show on Comedy Central. She wrote and stars in the upcoming Trainwreck, a raunchy (but heartfelt) comedy that earned rave reviews at South by Southwest last month and, on Sunday, she’ll make her debut as host of the MTV Movie Awards.

"I’ve got nothing,
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Her character is a boozer who smokes a lot of pot,
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Even though Schumer wrote the film and her character’s name is Amy, she insists she is nothing like her movie alter ego.

"I’ve only had one one night stand in my life and it was great,
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She insists she won’t terrorize too many of the celebs in attendance at the MTV Movie Awards. "I’m not like,
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So who is she excited about seeing at the show?

"Everybody!" Schumer said. "People like Miles Teller and what’s name Elgort or is it Ansel Adams,
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"I love looking at beautiful children," she said. "I love Twilight. I just want to look at beautiful children. I just want to watch beautiful kids stare at each other. I’m not even joking. I don’t even acknowledge that there’s another section at bookstores other than young adult."

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