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Do you realize that if you can write your name you can draw? Drawing is all about lines and how you slant them, curve them, shorten them,
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You control what the lines do on paper,
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You are the designer and creator of the marks you make on paper the captain of your ship, so to speak. The process of drawing or writing is one and the same. The activities are identical.

So, let’s put this idea to the test Here is a step by step simple exercise for you to try:

Find a piece of plain,
nike schuhe herren, white paper and a pencil. Make sure the pencil has a good sharp point. If you are right handed, you will use your left hand for this experiment.

If you are left handed,
nike schuhe damen, use your right hand. Do not use the hand you would ordinarily use, for this. Now, take your pencil and carefully sign your first and last name.

It is not easy, is it? So what have you learned? You’ve learned something that you already knew the other hand does not write so well.

cheap evening dresses, repeat the process use the hand you seldom use and write your name again. Write it just below the first signature so you can compare the two.

You may suspect that practice will enable you to make the signature as legible as though you had used the familiar hand to write,
nike schuhe billig. Your suspicions would be accurate.

Our built in natural deduction process tells us it is all a matter of practice. How many times have you heard, "practice makes perfect." If you practice signing your name with the unused hand, it will eventually look as good as the signature signed with your strong hand.

There is no exception to the rule when it comes to drawing or writing. If you practice enough,
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You don’t have to believe me, try it for yourself. Practice drawing an apple until it looks like the real thing better than you ever thought you could make it look.

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