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It is not just the time consuming upkeep of shaving or waxing your legs that might make you consider laser hair removal in Plano TX. Abundant and too dark hair on your arms, face, back,
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Your Hair Color Matters

Lasers used for hair removal work best on dark hair because it is the color in the hair follicle that they home in on. Blondes, redheads,
cheap michael kors, and people with gray hair have occasionally undergone treatment, but most professionals typically won’t treat people with those hair shades as the laser light is not as effective on them and they cannot guarantee satisfactory results. Additionally, sometimes skin color affects how successful treatment can be. Because the laser targets the hair follicles rather than the hairs themselves,
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Irritating But Not Painful

Everyone is different, and one person’s pain is another’s slight discomfort. Overall, laser hair removal treatments are not outright agonizing, but you may experience skin irritation and possibly some redness at the treatment site. Taking an over the counter painkiller before the treatment may be helpful, and using ice packs afterward will provide comfort,
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There is not a prescribed recuperation time after laser hair removal. However, if your skin does become irritated, it would be wise to avoid things like hot baths, heating pads,
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It Is Not For Everyone

Typically a person has to be 18 years or older to undergo laser hair removal, according to Teen Vogue. Aside from the liability issue, people who are still experiencing puberty are producing new follicles at a faster rate than adults. Most professionals recommend waiting until this accelerated growth phase is over before going through laser hair removal treatment.

If you are interested in laser hair removal, contact Le Beau Visage Medical Spa. The experienced professionals at Le Beau Visage are happy to offer free consultations to help you determine if laser hair removal is the right choice for you. Call us at 972 916 9624 for more information and appointments.

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