How to fix a slowly charging android smartphone


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Good Luck!For the past two weeks my phone has been getting more and more difficult to keep charged. The initial symptom was slow charging/ finickiness with chargers. This showed on higher amperage chargers that normally worked quickly. Eventually, the phone would charge barely if at all on the best of chargers and slowly lose charge on the others. I also noticed an increasing frequency of connect/ disconnect notifications when plugged into my laptop via USB as well as frequent failure to mount as detachable storage. This left me in a cycle of powering down the device to charge slowly as I slept and scrounging for battery life as I was awake.

What follows is a step by step guide as I diagnosed the issue from easiest to hardest to fix cause. Please be aware that some of these procedures may damage your phone if you make a mistake or simply run into bad luck, so consider carefully whether it is worth your time to repair this on your own versus going through a paid or warrantied repair service.

For me, as my phone is tweaked exactly as I like it and has important documentation on it, it was crucial that I do not lose data as would be expected during a factory motherboard replacement.

In many cases, poor battery performance is simply due to excess running software on your phone. Applications in Android frequently autoboot or run as a background process after being opened only briefly. This significantly increases usage of system resources and decreases battery life. The simplest fix is to install a quality task manager, open it frequently to see what’s running, and group shut down everything that you do not need at the time. If you notice a program or feature has a nasty habit of running when it shouldn’t, consider uninstalling it.

Many of these intrusive programs are what is known as bloatware, software from your mobile provider’s partners that they are paid to install on your phone and prevent you from removing via conventional means. If you bought a subsidized phone you almost certainly have bloatware. If you are amenable to voiding your warranty and of the belief that you can do what you like with your lawfully purchased property,
cheap replica michael kors, you should consider rooting your phone and removing the unwanted applications with Root Manager or similar software.

To root your phone, you will need to find a tutorial specific to your phone carrier and model. For the T Mobile Galaxy SIII I used this guide. Be sure the guide is for your exact phone, android distribution, and carrier or you will most likely irreparably damage your phone. If needed, rooting may be reversed for warranty service by resetting your phone’s flash counter and reflashing the stock, factory ROM. I’ve also had luck stretching my battery out by underclocking my phone in periods of disuse via SetCpu.

In many cases, bloatware applications actively monitor your data, web usage, and physical location for reasons completely unrelated to the function of the software. One particularly odious example of this is angry birds‘ location tracking. Personally,
fashion handbags, I don’t believe in granting any commercial entity further access into my personal life than law enforcement would get without a warrant, and real time position tracking is one of those things.

Consider looking into the following programs if you’d like to go further to enhancing your information security and reducing logger resource usage:

Logging Test App: Provides numerous key enhancements to encryption, ip settings, etc, blocks and deletes hidden logs, removes CIQ, and allows access to secret menus. Extremely easy to brick your phone with,
fashion bags, you will absolutely need to restart and then backup your phone after every change you make. Software changes may break your phone in ways that are not apparent until your next attempted restart. If your phone becomes unable to boot, a Clockworkmod backup will allow you to return it to it’s previous state. LBE Privacy Guard: Allows you to manage the permissions a la carte of every installed and system app. Notifies you whenever an application requests a permission not previously granted. Now you can battle those green pigs without your search, web, and location history being sold to marketing firms.

there is another problem which was not listed here.

even after doing all these things, if u dont identify any physical damage, what else solution is remind?

i have not found fool proof solution, but i would like share my experience with this

i was getting a connector of 4 5cent from market, and was trying to replace it,

it working 2 3 days later, it again start slow down charging process graually and comes to zero in a week, i go detail here.

u all must be aware, here i am using USB tester, in between charger cable and mobile phone, where it shows current consumption of mobile.

i replaced a connector pin, worked for a week nicely, USB tester was showing max current utilization by cell phone, which is 900ma,

3 days over, started take input only 200ma to 300ma (slow charging started)

to over come this problem, we need press the connector button or pressurize with external material at connector and cable port to make it fast charge,
fake handbags, i was using some 50gram solid material keeping on connector pin so USB tester shows 900ma

again 3 days worked, later slow charging, at this time, increase wweight to 100gram. started working nicely

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