Hockey Gag Gifts


Hockey Gag Gifts,
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The fake shattered window is the ultimate gag gift for any sports fan. Purchase one ready made or gather the items needed to create one yourself. Attach a real hockey puck cut in half to a clear static window cling decorated to look like broken glass. The fake shattered window can then be stuck to a car window,
cheap evening dresses online, TV screen or any other place that would get your hockey fan’s goat.

A proper ice hockey survival kit will contain everything your favorite hockey player needs to survive the season. Collect a number of random objects and then attach a tag listing the importance of each. For instance,
cheap prom dresses, you can include a set of fake teeth with a note stating,
nike schuhe billig, "To replace the teeth you are bound to have knocked out this season." Another idea is a package of cotton balls to cushion the player from all of those falls on the ice. You could provide your favorite hockey player with a package of throat lozenges for when he has to scream at the referees. Or,
nike schuhe damen, try a package of fireball candy to keep your player warm on the ice. Browse your local drugstore for other ideas.

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