. He also some how managed to get a special guest appearance by certified Canadian indie rock royalty

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This has been another tough year for BA Johnston, but luckily he has managed to turn lemons into the no name brand lemonade. It seems that BA’s Mother, inspired by all the austerity she has been hearing about in the paper, has decided to raise the rent and chore list around the house. Faced with the options of going to work as a bag boy at Foodland or releasing a new album, BA plugged his nose and recorded up another "winner" for his ever shrinking "fanbase."

Titled Mission Accomplished and released on Mammoth Cave Recording Co.,
replica handbags, BA’s ninth full length album finds him regurgitating the same crud that has made his a household name (in one house in Peterborough, Ont). Songs about waffles,
fake handbags, chugging cold certified Coors Light, and spending a GST cheque at a Giant Tiger abound. However its not all cheap laughs, there are also some heart warming songs about aliens,
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Recorded with the same dream team that brought us Hi Dudes! and Thank You For Being A Friend, Mission Accomplished was recorded and produced by Paul Linklater (Bidiniband) and Stephen Macleod (Windom Earle). He also some how managed to get a special guest appearance by certified Canadian indie rock royalty,
fashion handbags, Mike O’Neill. It seems that even though it may sound a death knell for their own careers, real musicians still don’t mind making BA look good.

BA has been playing music since the late 1950s; his biggest success coming as the leader of the cover band BA and the Chuds in the early 1970s, who many believe greatly influenced Canadian favs Doug and the Slugs. After receiving the Juno Award for best hard rock record in 1985, BA actually returned the award when he found out he would have to pay for it. When not touring Canada,
fashion handbags sale, BA lives at home in Hamilton ON with his Mother,
fake bags online, Father and beloved pet Mr. Whiskers.

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