certain situations require safety above all else

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Where there is offense there is also defense. Hence, when bullets became the standard method of offense it was only inevitable that a method of defense would come about. This defense was the bullet proof vest.

The standard bullet proof vest is composed of dense fibers packed tight inside of a hollow chamber shaped like a vest. This is a very effective form of protection against low caliber ammunition, which is the type of ammunition most police officers have to defend themselves against.

One of the most effective features of the bullet proof vest is that it is extremely lightweight. Since the resistance to ammunition is provided through dense fibers which are laminated to provide extra defense against small caliber handgun and shotgun bullets the vests are very rarely cumbersome and allow the wearers to move around as fast as they would be able to were they not wearing the vest.

buy christian louboutin replica, advances in protection against firearms inevitably lead to advancement in ammunition as well. This is because the people that are targeted start to use armor to protect themselves,
christian louboutin shoes replica, and so more advanced ammunition was developed. This advanced ammunition is known as armor piercing bullets.

Armor piercing bullets are specifically designed to pierce through the laminated fiber that bullet proof vests are composed of. The use of such ammunition can often dramatically decrease the efficacy of bullet proof vests,
cheap christian louboutin replica, putting the lives of those people that depend on these vests in severe danger.

Hence, more advanced versions of the bullet proof vest have emerged as well in order to offset the dangers imposed by the use of armor piercing bullets.

There are several different kinds of advanced bullet proof vests. However,
louboutin replica, two of these different types are most notable because of their efficacy at stopping armor piercing bullets.

Most advanced bullet proof vests have a plate inside of them that adds resistance, plates that are made of a variety of materials with the most common being ceramic and steel. These are the two most popular types of advanced bullet proof vests.

Steel bullet proof plates provide a great deal more resistance to armor piercing bullets than ceramic bullet proof plates. However, the main problem with these plates is that they often slow down movement which can become a significant problem in situations where speed is of the utmost importance.

Hence, ceramic bullet proof plates are often preferred in order as they provide additional resistance whilst not affecting speed as much as steel bullet proof plates. In this manner they provide a middle ground of sorts which is often the preferred route.

However, certain situations require safety above all else, even speed, and in such situations steel bullet proof vests are much more effective because they are more likely to stop armor piercing bullets than ceramic bullet proof plates.

All in all, there is a wide variety of armor to choose from depending on whether you need speed more or defense.

While bullet proof vests are not perfect they have saved the lives of many loved ones, both here and abroad,
louboutin replica, and will continue to do so. I have never had to wear one but I have a great respect for those that risk their live’s every day for the freedoms that we enjoy and those that try to keep us safe putting their live’s on the line here at home. I would like to suggest to anyone that claims an officer is unjust to get off the couch and take a good look at the real world. Stop complaining and work together to clean up the mess we all are living in!.

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