Brandon police seek information on mystery pair

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The pair became the subject of an investigation after they showed up at a social services agency in Brandon in late August. The agency called police,
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However, police won’t say what the allegations are only that they are "sensitive in nature."

"It’s kind of a sensitive issue that we’re not going to disclose. But needless to say, they made some allegations, and they gave us enough information to initiate an investigation,
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In order to move the investigation forward, McLean said the police need more information on the pair. Both arrived in the city from an unspecified location, and neither of them was able to produce any identification.

"They’ve given us their names and as much information as they can provide that they are aware of,
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Police have no reason to believe the stories of the woman and her daughter are false, he said. Rather, they are simply trying to confirm exactly who the two are.

"It’s not an issue of them not being forthright; it’s an issue of them not really having any identification with them," McLean said. "It’s not as if they are refusing to give us information they’re co operating totally."

McLean asked the public to come forward with any information they may have about the pair,
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Police released a photo of the two last Friday.

"We need anything from the public. Anything that might help us identify them," he said. "If anyone knows them or has seen them before, if anyone happens to know where they’re from, things like that. We’re just looking to confirm information and get new information."

McLean admits the case is very unusual in his 26 years with the Brandon Police Service, he said he has never come across a case like this. They have even sought out other police agencies for advice on how to move forward with the case.

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