Best PC and Console Gaming TV 2014

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Best PC and Console Gaming TV 2014

Review of Low Input Lag HDTVs for GamingSo, you want to use an HDTV as a display for your PC or console games,
Cheap Evening Dresses, but aren’t getting the performance you’d hoped for out of the TV your currently using. What can you do? You can’t go to the store and randomly start testing a bunch of TVs to find out which one would work the best.

If you did, then you might not know what you should be looking for. Hopefully this post will help you decide so that you can get a TV which has the size and feel of a full television with the responsiveness of a good monitor.

A good TV for gaming is one with a low input lag. Input lag is the delay in the time that it takes you to hit a button on your mouse, keyboard,
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How much lag is considered ok?

All TVs have input lag and you won’t be able to eliminate it entirely. What you want to try to do is eliminate as much of it as possible. For example a 1 frame delay would be about 16.67ms. That’s extremely good in an HDTV and as low as all but a couple of models go.

Monitors generally have less lag and I try to find one under one frame. On the other hand for a television, I’m personally ok with something under 2 frames or around 34ms. Some older LCD TV models, like the Sony 32W400, had around 8ms input lag, but are not regularly available. So, in today’s market 20ms or less is considered very good by most gamer’s standards. If you’re a die hard and want to try to find one of these older LCD models available, then you may also want to take a look at this list for some other acceptable low input lag LCD options.

Top Ten New Low Input Lag HDTVs in 2014Sony KDL 55W802A HDTV Review

If you’re willing to spend a little bit more for a mid range 55" HDTV, then go with something like the Sony KDL 55W802A. For around $1500 you get a great 3D smart HDTV that also has a game mode which brings its lag input at right around 1 frame (16.9ms).

It works great for split screen Halo 4 as its big, and gives you an advantage in multiplayer mode because of its extremely fast responsiveness.

It also has a mirror connection for your smartphone which is really cool for seeing apps, pictures, and videos from your phone on a 55" screen.

Another solid, but less expensive option is the Samsung UN32EH4003 which sports around a 19ms input lag. I’d consider that very good in terms of an HDTV.

It comes with a few cool features like Connect Share Movie and Clear Motion Rate 60, but has the downside of being just a bit larger than your inexpensive 27" monitor. It’s 720p which works perfect for most consoles, but may not be as desirable for those looking to PC game on an HDTV.

Overall I’d still highly recommend it as an inexpensive option for console gamers,
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Best HD Projector for PC Gaming If you’ve never gamed on a project before, then I highly recommend it. It adds a level of intensity and makes for a great party tool. One good low input lag projector you should look into is the BenQ Q1070. With an input lag under 2 frames it’s better than most HDTVs and at around $900 it’s very reasonable for a 3D 1080p projector.

BenQ is known for taking a high level of interest in professional gamers and routinely plays a big part in MLG series play. As such, most of their products are designed with gamers in mind,
Cheap Prom Dresses 2015, and this appears to be the case for the Q1070. If you’re been wanting a projector, then this is not only one of the least expensive one available, it’s also the best.

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Lowest Input Lag HDTVs and My Final ThoughtsGaming on an HDTV is fun and with a little research you can have your fun without lag or input delay weighing you down. Have another HDTV you’d recommend to PC or console gamers? Let us know in the active discussion area below this post.

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