Before removing any electronic fuel injection system components check and switch off your car ignition and your car negative battery terminal is removed.

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How An Electronic Fuel Injection System (EFI) Works On Your Car

With more and more vehicle manufacturers realizing the potential of vehicles,
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The EFI provides optimum mixture ratios and response of the fuel injection permits your car engine to run on the less possible fuel and air mixture. This operation reduces the exhaust gas toxic emission. The fuel system is interrelated in this operation and works in conjunction with the emissions control and exhaust systems,
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How The Fuel Is Delivered On Electronic Fuel Injection System (EFI)

The fuel from your reservoir is delivered under pressure by an electric fuel pump using relays. You find this relays inside your car or in the engine compartment. The relays are designed to stop the engine and turn off the alternator and the oil pressure can drop, the electric pump will stop functioning. The quantity of the fuel must be injected to your engine is determined by injection pulse duration, also by a pressure difference between fuel pressure and intake manifold vacuum pressure.

How To Take Care About Your Electronic Fuel Injection System (EFI)

You do not disconnect your battery terminal if your car engine is still running

If you want to disconnect the fuel line you must eliminate the high pressure in the system, you must disconnect negative battery terminal to eliminate any sparks happen while fuel is present.

Before removing any electronic fuel injection system components check and switch off your car ignition and your car negative battery terminal is removed.

The EFI system harness must kept away from the main harness,
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You must be sure the EFI wiring connection are tight, secure and clean. The bad connection can cause high voltage in the ignition coil that what can drain IC circuit.

The accelerator should not be depressed when you start your car engine. You do not immediately after you starting your car engine,
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If you have fuel injection problems cars do your diagnosis before you replace any components of the electronic fuel injection system,
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