A Student Came Out About Their Non


"I’m about to do something terrifying, which is coming out to you as a non binary person, which means that I don’t fit within I’m getting emotional, I’m so sorry," Munir began to tell President Barack Obama and at least 500 other youth leaders at York University on Saturday.

Munir, 20, does not identify as being either female or male,
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"In the UK we don’t recognize non binary people under the equality act . I wish yourself and David Cameron would take us seriously as transgender people,
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"I know that in North Carolina, people are having to produce birth certificates to go to the toilet," Munir told the president.

should feel encouraged social attitudes are changing . [that] doesn mean it fast enough, but you should keep pushing and it in part due to the courageous acts of young people like yourself," Obama responded.

Munir told the BBC it was important to come out to the president to help destigmatize thoughts about the trans community.

Maria Munir urges President Barack Obama to do more for the LGBT community, sayingthey weredoing something "crazy" and coming out as a non binary person during a town hall meeting in London, April 23, 2016.

"If I can use myself as a sacrifice,
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Munir’s question came on the heels of recent discriminatory laws against the LGBTQ community passed by North Carolina and Mississippi. Obama said the laws should be overturned, but they won’t be without support from Congress.

During the town hall, Obama also admitted it took his daughters and Vice President Joe Biden to change his position on marriage equality from a strictly legal issue to a social one.

have to confess my children generally had an impact on me, Obama said. I loved who were in monogamous same sex relationships explained to me what I should have understood earlier, which is it was not simply about legal rights but about a sense of stigma, that if you calling it something different it means that somehow it means less in the eyes of society.

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