2015 will see dudes wearing

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Each year it’s easy to become invariably bewildered and disappointed that you’re the only Laneway attendee who hasn’t been sent the same important fashion memo about what to wear on your head.

Not this year! No mon frere. Like a cool person, I’ve had the good foresight to plan ahead and survey the landscape on the appropriate Laneway headdress code for 2015.

To get the scoop,
Red Daniel Sedin Mens Jersey, I leant on the most fashion conscious ‚friend‘ I have,
Red Kevin Bieksa Jersey, the salesgirl at my local fashion boutique. To date our conversation has mainly revolved around me trying to tell her about my life and her trying to sell me things. We have a unique connection.

It doesn’t take much covert prying and code depicting to make her reveal the Laneway dress code secrets. More specifically, what headwear / headdress are ‚hot‘ or ‚not‘. All I learned I share with you now.

Don’t wear a fake flower headdress,
Royal Kirk Mclean Womens Jersey, they were cute in 2013,
Todd Bertuzzi Jersey 4X, but now they should be reserved for dusty vases and overdressed children at weddings.

Don’t braid your hair like a crown of thorns around your tiny skull. Sure, it’s hot because it makes you look like a fairy goddess,
Zack Kassian Youth Jersey, but it’s bad because that’s what people did in 2014, one whole year ago.

Girls, don’t wear a wide brimmed hat. There’s a reason they’re always on special at the worst shops. They were at Coachella, like, 3 years ago! And they smell when it rains.

2015 will see dudes wearing: 80% Five panel caps, 15% wide brim ‚Angus Stone‘ felt hats, 5% ‚Raury esque‘ straw hats

2015 will see ‚babes‘ return to the ’90s. Nose rings and chokers,
Authenitc Eddie Lack Red Jersey. No particular hat attire.

Future headwear predictions include sequin Yakamas and tie dye mini top hat fascinators. But definitely not fedoras or Panama hats. She didn’t explain why.

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